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When it comes to choosing a brand of pet food for your pets, the decision can be difficult. One of the best ways to see how a specific type of pet food, such as Freshpet, is being received by pets is to read reviews. Pet parents who have tried Freshpet send us letters or write reviews on our Facebook page to tell us all about their experience. These reviews can be very useful to other pet parents who are looking to start their pets on a fresh and healthy diet.

Freshpet Reviews

Letter #56
By: Freshpet IT Freshpet IT
I just have to share my story of my beautiful golden doodle Sadie. Sadie is 5 years old and was diagnosed with ostesarcoma of her right leg. Our vet suggested that feeding her a raw diet. Food is so important with a condition like cancer. The time of her diagnose was 5 months ago. At that time our holistic vet and the oncology vet said that even with an amputation she would only have 6 month. We are treating her with holistic meds and feeding her Freshpet along with her best buddy Charlie. Charlie is a cockatoo and also loves his Freshpet. Our Sadie is a little more tired but she is still full of life and I believe it is the food along with the meds. I am so glad that switched. Even the vets can’t believe that she is so good and healthy. We just keep praying for the day by day health. Thank you.

Inspiring Freshpet Dog Food Reviews such as this one shows that healthier foods made with natural ingredients can do wonders. When the nutritional value of wholesome ingredients is retained, pets can benefit from natural foods in a variety of ways. Dogs, such as Sadie, then stand a fighting chance at regaining their strength and health. We are so happy to hear that Freshpet was able to help Sadie and we continue to hope and pray for her continued health.

Letter #57
By: Freshpet IT Freshpet IT My dog Evie turned three years old on August 19th. She is a chihuahua mix that I adopted from Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue in Queens, NY. Just six months before her third birthday, Evie was at the vet for a recurring knee problem called luxating patella. This was her fifth trip to the vet for a persistent limp. The doctor weighed her and immediately commented on how overweight she was. She tipped the scales at 13.3 pounds. The doctor recommended a drastic change to her diet, otherwise the added weight would continue to make her knee problems worse. I instantly began researching all of the dog foods out there to find what would be best to help Evie loose weight. That’s when I stumbled upon Freshpet. I weened her off of her dry food and put her on a complete Freshpet diet (also adding in steamed green beans as the vet recommended). I am happy to report that Evie is down to 11.5 pounds! She’s doing great and has tons of energy. We still have another 1.5 pounds to go, but I’m confident we will get there. Thanks for helping Evie to continue to be the happy and healthy dog I love! Best,

Processed and commercially manufactured dog foods have a number of negative effects on our pets, one of them being excess weight gain. These foods are loaded with fillers, preservatives, chemicals and additives. The end result is that your pet ends up eating a lot of food, gains weight, and doesn’t get proper nutritional value. Freshpet dog food is made with high quality ingredients and is packed with all the nutrients your dog needs. Evie is a great example of how Pet Fresh foods can help your pet get all the energy and nutrients they need, without unnecessary weight gain.

Irina Katsnelson
By: Karina Estelle
Thank you for creating a pet food that finally gives pets the nutrition they so desperately need. When I first got my dog, Rafa, feeding him was a struggle. He didn’t want to eat commercial dog food and would refuse to eat for a whole day sometimes. As I began my research into dog food, it became obvious why. Anxiety about what he was eating continued to weigh on me until I was walking in a store and Freshpet caught my eye. At first I thought it was too good to be true. Right away, the fact that Freshpet is refrigerated made me feel comfortable. The ingredients sounded fantastic too, with the right mix of meat and vegetables. I brought it home, and the rest is history. Rafa gets excited to eat every single day and is not finicky. He is full of energy, his coat looks great. It feels great to know Rafa is everything he needs from Freshpet and I can rest assured.
Thank you, Freshpet!!!

It looks like Rafa wanted nothing to do with commercially manufactured dry pet foods anymore. Sometimes our pets instinctively know what’s good for them. Freshpet is committed to making foods for pets which are healthy, fresh, and wholesome. Each Freshpet recipe is cooked at low temperatures in order to retain the nutritional value of the ingredients. That’s why Freshpet is so good for pets – its jam packed with nutrients and healthy ingredients. It’s great to hear that Rafa is getting everything he needs nutritionally from Freshpet. Freshpet review like this one is what makes our job worthwhile.

Patrick Hughes By: Karina Estelle My dog, Napa, is a ridiculously picky eater. He spent the first two years of his life bouncing from dog food to dog food. It wasn’t that he couldn’t eat them, he just didn’t want to. One day we saw a commercial for Freshpet and immediately took a trip to the pet store. For the first time, Napa ate his entire bowl. Freshpet seems to be the sweet spot between hard and soft food, without having any extra junk in it. It turns out that he likes to have a fresh meal. Who wouldn’t? Since switching to Freshpet, Napa is finally eating regularly and has tons of energy. To see Napa lick the bowl clean makes me a very happy dog dad.
Thanks so much for creating Freshpet. Napa thanks you too!

It’s incredible to hear stories such as this one where pets seem to give their parents a sign that they desperately want fresh food. Napa is no exception. Think about it – we make it a point to eat healthy, fresh foods ourselves because we know that it’s good for our health and well-being. Our pets are a part of our family and deserve the same, that’s why we at Freshpet are committed to making pet foods which are so healthy and nutritious even pet parents can eat them.

Erin Taylor
By: Karina Estelle
When I first got Max, my main goal was to feed him a quality diet… This meant no unhealthy table scraps, no low-grade dog food, and no unnatural ingredients. Little did I know that Max would be such a picky eater. In fact, Max would eat so little that he would often become sick. I felt terrible because I knew Max felt terrible.
I decided I’d give Freshpet a try. When I opened the bag, Max immediately started wiggling with excitement – even I noticed how great the food smelled and looked. Honestly, it seemed like something a person would eat! As soon as I poured the food in his bowl he gobbled it down. Since I started giving Max Freshpet, he has gained three pounds and is now at a healthy weight. Max is also more energetic and doesn’t have a problem keeping up with his other doggy friends.
The best thing is, I didn’t have to compromise when it came to Freshpet. I got exactly what I wanted in a dog food. Max is now eating a quality dog food, with all natural ingredients. With Freshpet, Max is being fed a complete and balanced diet and I feel comfortable knowing he is getting all the nutrition he needs.
Thank you so much, Freshpet.

Reading Freshpet reviews like this one and on the Freshpet Facebook page really makes our day. Freshpet is a company which has dedicated itself to making high quality natural foods for pets. We have an experienced team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists on board who craft recipes which are not only wholesome and nutritious, but also incredibly delicious. In fact, some of our Freshpet recipes were even put to a human taste test and they did phenomenally. We’re thrilled to hear that Max loves his Freshpet food, and even more thrilled that he’s happy and healthy.

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